Authentic Vision spinner 3 1600mah Variable Voltage battery

Authentic Vision spinner 3 1600mah Variable Voltage battery

  • €18.99

The new spinner battery is charged via micro usb. Charger not included 


This is one of the most powerful compact batteries on the market and it will last you for hours and hours and is the preferred battery choice if you are a heavy smoker or if you simply want to recharge as seldom as possible.


The battery has a dial located at the base of the battery and it has four markings to indicate output voltages at 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts but is adjustable throughout the entire voltage range for fine tuning. Simply turn the dial to your desired vaping voltage.




The Spinner 3 battery has a safety function that allows you to turn on/off the battery. To place the battery in or out of locked mode, press the button rapidly 5 times (within 2 seconds). The button will flash 3 times in different colors indicating you have changed mode.


It also has an automatic Cut-Off Protection if button is held down for longer than 8 seconds. In case of a short circuit, which usually happens when the user connect the USB charger or a tank wrong, the Short-Circuit-Protection kicks in and the button flashes



As for charging time, Spinner 3 for its large capacity of 1600mA, requires about 5-6 hours to be fully recharged if the the battery has no power at all. You can recharge the battery 500+ times.




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