Justfog Q16 coils Pack of 5

Justfog Q16 coils Pack of 5

  • €14.99

1.6ohm resistance 

1.100% organic Japanese cotton
2.New level of nichrome wire
3.Offers a pure taste

JUSTFOG Q16/C14/G14/S14 Coil

This coil is suitable for JUSTFOG 14 Series clearomizers including C14/G14/S14. This coil uses 100% organic Japanese cotton and it's all natural without any dangers. Unlike the chemically bleached cotton used in other brand's coils, the Japanese organic cotton used for JUSTFOG 14 series clearomizer coils is a natural ivory color because it's unbleached and 100% natural. The coil produces better flavor and a smoother taste than other coils. That combines with the high grade nichrome wire offers all vapers a wonderful experience.

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